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Energy Efficiency Benchmarking in the Private Sector

Energy efficiency benchmarking requires information to be disclosed to prospective tenants and buyers of private buildings, increasing market’s capability to promote sustainable infrastructure.  


Energy Efficiency for Institutions and Governments 

Advancing energy efficiency in institutional buildings holds enormous potential for cities to create not only greener, healthier spaces but also high-road jobs and savings.


Net Zero Cities

A net zero city is a city with zero non-renewable energy consumption across all sectors and community-wide (not just government operations), or which purchases clean energy offsets for any non-renewable energy used.


Net Zero Water Utilities

Water and wastewater utilities have a substantial energy cost for water utilities and cities. Here are steps your city can reduce the carbon footprint of your water and wastewater utilities. 


Katya Spear

Are you with a city interested in learning more about divesting funds – general, retirement, utility, pension, etc. – from fossil fuel companies? Learn more about the divestment movement and get started here.