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Preserving Local Control

Across America, efforts to enact to enact local laws on a range of issues are the focus of a growing trend: they are being preempted by state legislation that undermines local democracy. 


This is happening all over the country, from North Carolina’s famous “bathroom bill,” which overturned Charlotte’s nondiscrimination ordinance, to Tallahassee’s struggles to address gun violence in the face of state preemption, to Wisconsin’s preemption of paid sick days laws, to minimum wage laws in Minnesota cities.


While control over some policies has always resided at the state and federal level, the pace and scope of preemption has increased greatly in the last decade. Some see it as a concerted effort by conservative state lawmakers to punish more progressive cities. 

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The NAACP sued Alabama over preemption of Birmingham’s minimum wage law.


Denton Texas has been trying to ban fracking for years. While currently preempted, this case offers lessons for other cities. 


Mariah Young-Jones

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