Arts & Culture

The arts, too often considered a luxury, are actually a critical component of healthy communities, neighborhoods and economies. Cities can do much to promote arts and culture, and will reap many benefits from doing so – including stronger economies.


There’s been a fair amount of discussion about the creative economy and the role of “creative” in redeveloping neighborhood, but the benefit of nurturing local arts and culture extends far beyond that. Beyond their intrinsic value, arts and culture can be tools in education, citizen engagement, placemaking, and tourism. Many cities have created cultural plans to recognize the broad impact of the arts and to identify key areas to work on in their communities.


Arts and Economic Development

A strong and vibrant arts scene can be a reliable and durable driver of local economic growth and resilience. 

Cultural Planning

Just as cities plan for assets and amenities like transportation and economic development, so too should they plan to foster and promote arts and culture in the community. One tool for doing so is a cultural plan. Cultural planning should include an honest assessment of the state of arts and culture in a community, robust public input, clear goals, and specific recommendations for action.