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We’re Hiring!

February 20, 2019

Junior Outreach Associate

We are seeking a Junior Outreach Associate to grow the Mayors Innovation Project team!


Deadline extended! Apply here no later than March 22.


Principal duties include:
  • Communications (30%)
    • Effectively draft and edit communications to city leaders, partners, and the general public. These include drafting policy papers for city staff and partners, and more popular outreach publications for the general public, with the possibility of longer writing projects in the future.
    • Solicit and organize content from staff, draft, and format email newsletters. Advise on outreach strategy and establish criteria for assessing its effectiveness.
    • Help lay out briefs and reports.
    • Take leadership for COWS’ social media outreach. Advise project leaders on the correct strategies, tailored to each particular project audience.
  • Membership & Data Management (40%)
    • Advise the Mayors Innovation Project (MIP) of the best strategies to increase membership. Be the initial link between cites and MIP, create interest in MIP with new mayors, generate invoices, track payments, and report back results to steering committee.
    • Organize and conduct recruitment and renewal outreach for members of the Mayors Innovation Project and the State Smart Transportation Initiative.
    • Build relationships with sponsors and funders and seek out new funding opportunities.
    • Maintain relationships with partner NGOs and cultivate new ones.
    • Maintain database of 2000+ mayors, city staff, partners, and funders.
  • Event Planning (30%)
    • Draft and/or edit the content of outreach materials, and help publicize COWS events
    • Organize and conduct phone/email recruitment of attendees to conferences and events.
    • Create and maintain priority lists for outreach.
    • Provide general logistical support for events.
    • Write summaries of topics discussed at events, for use in future briefing articles or in other COWS publications
Degree and area of specialization:

Minimum undergraduate degree or equivalent in public policy, political science, urban planning, non-profit management, communications, journalism or other social science subjects. Applicants with relevant professional backgrounds but different degrees will be considered.


Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:


Minimum one year of professional experience required; 2-3 years desired. Skills should include:


  • Excellent writing ability, including demonstrated ability to write clearly and succinctly for a range of audiences on policy topics.
  • Excellent organizational skills, including scheduling large groups, planning and running conference calls and webinars, tracking attendance and participation, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience communicating with diverse audiences, e.g. local governments, elected officials, community and environmental groups, public and private sectors.
  • Experience recruiting, building relationships with, and organizing people from non-profit organizations, businesses, and/or local governments.
  • Capacity to learn new areas of policy quickly and to summarize key policy issues in accessible ways and variety of formats.
  • Experience working with databases and various social media platforms.


Preferred, but not required, skills and experience include:

  • Experience planning and facilitating meetings and events.
  • Knowledge of local policy and/or local government.
  • Familiarity with climate and energy issues, public health, municipal finance, water policy, workforce development, labor standards, and/or civil and human rights policy.
  • Project management.