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Re-Thinking the Urban Freeway

Options for Rebuilding, Replacing, Altering or Otherwise Addressing Aging Freeways

February 26, 2014

Mary Ebeling and Satya Rhodes-Conway

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Across the country, urban freeways are at the end of their design lives, and cities are wrestling with the question of how to deal with them. Cities have the opportunity to rethink, remove, or repurpose urban freeway space, which can address environmental and social justice harm and result in significant local economic and social benefits. This report provides cities with best practices and solutions from across the country, to help cities mitigate negative freeway impacts and secure a healthy and more prosperous future.

Mary Ebeling is a Transportation Policy Analyst with the State Smart Transportation Initiative, a sister project of the Mayors Innovation Project.


Above: 1-81 in Syracuse, NY. By jimcchou (jimcchou’s Flickr Page) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons