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Investing In The Age of Climate Change

Webinar: Tue, Sep 12, 2017 12 - 1pm CDT

August 30, 2017

The Mayors Innovation Project and Efficiency Cities Network are proud to offer this opportunity to learn from and connect with two national leaders in assessing and addressing climate-related financial risk. Please register today to join us for an informative and timely webinar on what you need to know about climate risk and its relationship to pensions and treasury funds.


Climate-related financial risk presents unique legal challenges and opportunities, and the rapidly evolving political, regulatory and economic landscape elevates the importance of climate change as a potentially material investment risk. Our speakers will draw from their organizations' Trillion-Dollar Transformation initiative and two reports launched recently detailing these challenges and opportunities and describing tools to address them.


On this webinar, Alex Bernhardt, Principal and Head of Responsible Investment at Mercer, will discuss Mercer’s financial analysis of a typical U.S. public sector defined benefit pension fund using the firm’s forward-looking climate change asset allocation model. 


Next, we’ll hear from Steven Feit, an attorney at the Center for International Environmental Law’s Climate and Energy Program. Steven will discuss CIEL’s analysis of pension fund fiduciary duties and explain how each of six specific, enumerated obligations is or isn’t triggered by climate-related financial risk. 


We'll make sure to leave time for your questions, and look forward to having you in the discussion. Please share this opportunity with your colleagues and networks.