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High Road Governance: A Workshop for New Mayors

Helping Mayors Build the Skills to Transition from the Campaign Trail to City Hall

May 7, 2019


Wednesday, July 31 - August 1 in Columbia, SC

Transitioning from campaigning to leading a city is an enormous challenge. We know how hard it can be to tackle the everyday city emergencies while also advancing a bold, inclusive policy platform. It takes more than good policy ideas to govern effectively - new mayors also need a new set of tools and skills to be successful.This is why we are excited to partner with re:Power to host High Road Governance: A Workshop for New Mayors. This 1.5 day workshop will help mayors effectively transition from running for office to leading their cities toward the high road of equity, sustainability, and democracy. This workshop will prioritize a framework of inclusive politics, which means making space and creating structures for the leadership, needs, and victories for women and people of color. re:Power has trained over 800 elected leaders, in addition to countless community leaders. The workshop takes place immediately before the Summer 2019 Meeting - all training attendees will receive a 50% discount to also attend the Summer Meeting.



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On the agenda:
  • Identifying & emboldening your leadership style
  • Balancing the tensions & opportunities created by transitioning from community leader to mayor
  • Developing & communicating an effective message



This workshop is by invitation only for mayors that are in the first two years of a 4+ year term. A limited number of spots are available on a first come, first served basis. Mayors must be committed to the high road of equity, sustainability, and democracy and must be able to attend the entire training. Not sure if you qualify? Contact Matthew Braunginn (608-262-6585, braunginn@mayorsinnovation.org) to discuss.




This workshop is free for invited & eligible mayors.

Travel & Hotel

Travel & hotel support is available for invited mayors. A limited number of spots are available. If eligible to attend, please contact Emily Miota (608-263-7958, ejmiota@mayorsinnovation.org) for next steps - please do not book on your own.