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Defense Against the Dark Arts

What Preemption Is & What Cities Can Do To Address It

January 22, 2019

What is preemption? How does it affect cities? What can cities do about it? No matter your state or political landscape, a comprehensive preemption strategy is critical for progressive city leadership everywhere. We are excited to announce a two-part webinar series, in partnership with the Local Solutions Support Center (LSSC), on preemption. The webinar series will introduce mayors, city staff, and city leaders to the emerging trends, scope, and impetus of the new preemption agenda, as well as explore strategies and tactics to defend against preemption and strengthen local democracy. 


Part 1: Laying the Groundwork for Preemption


This webinar includes:

  • A comprehensive view of the current preemption trends across the nation
  • An illustration of the narrative of corporate interests’ efforts to use preemption to deregulate
  • A discussion forum for mayors and city staff to discuss their own experiences with preemption


Part 2: Strategies and Tactics Against Preemption

Recording Coming soon.
On the agenda:

  • Case studies of mayors, cities, attorneys, and advocates who have deployed effective strategies that defend against preemption
  • An overview of the most effective strategies that cities can adopt against preemption including:
    • Legislation
    • Litigation
    • Coalitions
    • Communications