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Women Mayors’ Network

Kickoff at the Winter 2020 Policy Meeting in DC

November 21, 2019

We are thrilled to kick off the Women Mayors' Network, in partnership with the EQUITY AGENDA, at the Winter 2020 Meeting, January 24 - 25 in DC!
Learn more about this new network below, then register to attend the inaugural event below. Travel support may be available for women mayors to attend both this kickoff meeting and the Winter 2020 Meeting. 



Women mayors within our network have consistently expressed the need for a space where they can speak candidly, learn from each other, and gain the skills necessary to succeed amidst the challenges that sexism creates for all women, but in particular for women in leadership roles. 



This network will provide women mayors with the opportunity to:
  • Explore the context and issues that affect the success of women mayors in their roles, with an initial focus on the specific experience of women in executive leadership (as opposed to more legislative roles).
  • Prioritize equity, representation, and intersectionality and understand how gender and race can be explored together.
  • Provide vetted high road policy options around intersectional/gender equity for all MIP members.
  • Inform the broader MIP membership network by providing resources to allies to help them interrupt sexism and racism, address equity concerns and support their colleagues’ leadership.
The research director from the Barbara Lee Foundation will present brand new, cross-cutting research, tailor-made for women mayors, real, credible information that can support their campaigns.


We invite all mayors who identify as women to participate.



Please contact Ceri Jenkins, Co-Managing Director, for more information (cerijenkins@mayorsinnovation.org, 608-262-5176).