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Actionable Solutions for Public Water

November 21, 2019


From climate change to outdated infrastructure to lack of federal support, city leaders face more pressure than ever to provide affordable and safe water to residents. Mayors and city leaders need the resources to plan for and improve and maintain public water systems. 
To support mayors and city leaders with these challenges, we are proud to announce the release of "Actionable Solutions for Public Water Systems". This brief outlines concrete actions a city can take to keep control of its water systems and provides a background to understanding the complexity of public water systems and their current challenges.
The solutions for managing robust public systems include topics such as:
  • integrating management approaches for water with other goals; 
  • engaging the public in conversations about this valuable resource; 
  • promoting affordability of water services; 
  • among many more. 
Actionable Solutions for Public Water Systems provides answers to many challenges faced by city leaders today.