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A District That Works

Policies to Promote Equity and Job Quality in our Nation's Capital

July 22, 2015

Satya Rhodes-Conway, Peter Bailon, Sam Munger, Chris Reynolds

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The District of Columbia is going through a period of great transformation. While it has successfully strengthened its fiscal health and its economy and population have grown, its prosperity has not been evenly distributed. However, it is not too late for the District to adopt measures that strengthen low income communities and communities of color and push back against the trend of growing inequality. The new administration has a fresh opportunity to tackle these challenges. It will be essential that key leaders in the administration are driven by a strong vision for how to make the District work for all of its residents.


Key Recommendations:


Good Jobs

  1. Raise the floor in the private sector by boosting the minimum wage and extending increases to tipped workers.
  2. Require sane scheduling practices and improve the quality of property service jobs by establishing mandatory minimum hours.

Affordable Housing

  1. Prevent demolition or conversion of existing affordable housing.
  2. Fully fund the Housing Production Trust Fund.

Economic Development

  1. Expand on property tax reforms and prioritize low-and-middle income tax cuts.
  2. Establish universal minimum standards for development subsidies.


  1. Expand transit routes for underserved areas of the city and inner suburbs.
  2. Expand transit hours of service to better serve 2nd and 3rd shift workers.

Public Engagement

  1. Elevate the role of the entities that are accountable to DC residents, which includes the DC Council and Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, in the land use process.
  2. Improve community engagement processes in land use decision-making processes by hiring professional community engagement staff and partnering with existing organizations with ties to various constituencies.