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2014 Summer Meeting
Wednesday, August 20 - Friday, August 22, 2014
Chapel Hill, NC
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Past Meetings 
Winter 2014 - Washington, DC
October 2013 - Divestment Forum - Seattle, WA
August 2013 - Oak Park, IL
May 2013 - Stormwater - Chicago, IL
January 2013 - Washington, DC
August 2012 - Eugene, OR
January 2012 - Washington, DC
January 2011 - Washington, DC
January 2010 - Washington, DC
January 2009: Washington, DC
July 2008: Madison, WI
January 2008: Washington, DC
June 2007: Los Angeles, CA
January 2007: Washington, DC
June 2006: Las Vegas, NV
January 2006: Washington, DC
June 2005: Chicago, IL
February 2005: Racine, WI

About MIP Meetings
Our meetings foster peer-to-peer exchange with other mayors on common problems and solutions, while also providing sound strategies and effective tools to address your city's issues in an innovative and inclusive way. MIP meetings deliver practical ideas that you can implement right now to improve your city’s performance. We promise we'll send you home with at least one or two new ideas you can implement immediately to improve life in your city.

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