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Good Ideas from Cities

If you had to choose one thing you’re working on in your city to share with other mayors, what would it be?

This section features innovative things our member cities around the country are working on. This information was submitted by cities for cites – it’s a chance to share your successes. Want to see your city featured here? Become a member! and send us a 1-2 page description of your project.

Auburn, WA (2012) - OPM Committee
Eugene, OR (2012) - Envision Eugene
Grand Rapids, MI (2012) - Project Green
Louisville, KY - Idea Platforms
Salt Lake City, UT (2012) - Placemaking on the West Side
Athens – Clarke County, GA (2011) - Green Solid Waste Administration Building
Auburn, WA (2011) - Transformative Green Planning
Berkeley, CA (2011) - Downtown Area Plan
Chapel Hill, NC - Inclusionary Zoning, tree protection and more
Eugene, OR (2011) - workplace wellness programs, Envision Eugene and more
Grand Rapids, MI
(2011)- Most sustainable mid‐sized city, Michigan Mayors Summit
Livermore, CA - i-GATE Innovation Hub
Madison, WI (2011) - Neighborhood Indicators Project
Salt Lake City, UT (2011) - Sugar House Streetcar
Scranton, PA - Downtown renovation
Seattle, WA - Youth and Families Initiative
Sumter, SC - Shotpouch Greenway Master Plan
Athens - Clarke County, GA
(2010) - "You, Me and the Bus"
Des Moines, IA
- City Spotlight on cable
Athens - Clarke County, GA (2008) - Teens in Action
Auburn, WA (2008) - Environmental Park
Berkeley, CA (2008) - Sustainable Energy Financing District
Boise, ID - CATCH homelessness program
Denver, CO - Greenprint Denver
Des Moines, IA (2008) - Homelessness Summit
Eugene, OR (2008) - Sustainable Olympic Trials
Madison, WI (2008) - The Natural Step
Portland, OR - Mayor's Week at Jefferson High
Richmond, CA - Solar Richmond
Athens – Clarke County, GA
(2007) - multimodal transportation center
Des Moines, IA (2007) - Energy Futures conference

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